Smart Amazon Tips to Save You Time and Money

Online shopping without Amazon’s search engine is like fish without water, the name is synonymous with most of our online shopping experiences. The tremendous growth of the e-commerce global business giant started off more than a decade ago as a web bookseller and over the years the length and breadth of covering the globe with almost any product that you can imagine are available in their portal.

Plenty of online shopping websites and search engines have mushroomed with time, however, when it comes to offers and the best discount, any online shopper would first search through Amazon and then compare it with another web-based product seller.

Saving time and money in online shopping is important for a shopper as the offers could expire and decide from a wide range of products is often makes the choice to be confused.

App-based shopping from Amazon offers lot more discounts and you can compare their prices with the real world, scanning the barcode by Tress Wellness which has the product details, will compare the prices and if they are cheaper in price and give the same quality of the item, you can immediately decide to shop

  • registering for price alerts in your phone will give you the details of products once there is a price drop, which saves time and money to shop you’re favorite sought after product
  • deals and offers are always the best time to shop, check the steal deals on the home page and look for discounts in two different locations, the warehouse return items in good condition are offered with a huge discount than for other locations, saves time and money
  • look for additional discounts that can be applied on the products ordered online, some of the popular websites offer coupons or gift codes that can be availed while shopping

The Best Gifts and Presents Ideas for Couples

Gifts have always been an exhilarating surprise to all the people in the entire world, be it any community. It is quite easy to get a gift for a friend because we know about their likes and dislikes. But, getting a gift for a couple is a very crucial aspect. It has to be the best and also useful. Let us discuss some of the best ideas.

  • In the recent past, people are crazy about photographs. A good and impressive photo frame with a lovely photo can be a precious gift.
  • If both of them are music lovers, we can get a good music system. And if it is too high to afford, we can get a good speaker for them.
  • Couples enjoy traveling. A good suitcase or a luggage bag with good sophistication can be the best gift that will be really useful.
  • A good crockery set with classic designs can also be a precious gift that can be kept for long.
  • Some couples develop a good rapport while cooking. They are good food lovers. They enjoy cooking different recipes and having a great time. We can gift recipe books or videos for them. They will enjoy it to the core.
  • A very lovable flowering plant can be a good option. It will be a purifying and energizing experience that will add to the aroma inside the house.
  • A good camera with all the important features will be another good gift. It will be useful while they travel to places.

There are other crazy ideas like sex toys that can be an exceptional gift when the couples think in those lines. Check loveplugs for more ideas and options that will entertain the couple in a way that is exciting and enjoyable to the core.

Ultimate Tips Buying Foreign Currency

How to buy currency online?

You can buy currency from a physical provider or online, and have it delivered to you if there is no currency exchange near you. Purchasing foreign currency online also has the benefit of getting fat better exchange rates even though that means you will incur a courier fee. Ordering and paying for online currency can also be done through convenience stores.

Where to buy foreign currency?

There are many channels of buying foreign currency, some of these include banks, travel agents and lenders, even airports. Each of these options have some benefits and issues. When it comes to conversion rates, money lenders or currency conversion places have the cheapest rates to offer for conversion rates, whereas airports happen to be the most expensive places for conversion.

The best option is still authorized and legal channels because unofficial channels have the problem related to counterfeit bills. If one is caught in a different country with counterfeit exchange, without a proper receipt from an authorized channel, you could be imprisoned for committing a federal offence.

Compare exchange rates before buying

Every vendor can offer different rates for exchange when it comes to exchanging currency. There are various analytical tools available online for determining the best forex indicator combination, which could act as a guideline for exchanging currency. The exchange rates fluctuate every few seconds and a comparison can help you leverage the best rate.

Debit and credit cards

Even if your bank claims to have their credit and debit cards working pretty well when you are travelling abroad, enquire about the charges levied for exchange which can climb as high as 3 percent each time you choose to use a credit card online. Debit cards don’t fare much better either as there are miscellaneous charges levied against making a purchase, withdrawal and others.…

Latest Collars For Dogs That Make Them Trackable

Dogs are mostly very fun loving creatures. They don’t like to sit in one corner and sleep all day. They like to explore, and especially if you have a very energetic dog, then he or she will be more inclined towards going out and explore. But what if your best friend gets lost somewhere or fall in trouble? How will you know? That’s where these dog collars come in and try to be helpful for both the dog and the owner. They are easy to wear and use too, making them the perfect gadget for all dog owners out there. So, let’s see some of the latest and greatest dog collars out there.

Four Best Dog Collars That Are Trackable

Smart Dog Collar From LINK AKC

Price : $179.99


The collar is made for perfect fit, nice fashion item as well as good comfort too. It has a GPS monitor to track your dog. There are activity monitor and feature for ambient temperature alerts too. There is also a LINK AKC app on your smartphone, which is to be used by the collar. Link AKC memberships are required for activation and accessing all the features.

Nuzzle Dog Collar

Price : $170


This trackable dog collar will have GPS, Bluetooth and as well as an activity tracker. There is also a dedicated app to track and monitor the temperature as well. One can add multiple pets for tracking too. Geofence can be set up in order to avoid the dog getting out of pre-defined boundaries.

Squeaker Buddy Dog Collar

Price : $250


This collar has an illuminating LED all around the collar. It has GPS and activity monitoring as well. There’s also a tiny OLED screen to display all the activity and temperature information as well. It is available in three sizes, is water resistant, has a heart rate monitor, and can quick charge in 1 hour.

Voyce Dog Collar

Price : $199.99


This trackable dog collar with orthopedic memory foam dog bed with bolster can be comfortably worn around the neck. This collar will track various important wellness indicators for the dog, tracks activity and various other heart and respiratory rates as well. It will also measure the calories burned, as well as distance covered by the dog too. All these data will sync to the Voyce Wellness Management Centre, with the help of WIFI network.…

A Mom’s Guide To Choosing The Best Sit and Stand Stroller in 2018

Being a new mom can be scary, exciting, frustrating, and exhausting. Or even all of those at the same time. You feel the need to protect your children at all times, and try to provide the best experience for them. Well an important part of traveling with a child is a stroller. A bad stroller can cause all sorts of issues. The most important issues regarding to safety. You would never want your baby boy or girl to get hurt or even killed by a stroller. I advise you not to cheap out on a stroller, especially as you will probably use it for many years. Even small issues can be becoming huge problems with wear and use. Low quality strollers tend to break easier and struggle with long term usage. There are also a lot of different types of strollers to choose from. For a new mother, the choices can be overwhelming and confusing. You want to provide the best for your child but you are confused on which stroller to get, so do some of your own research before you buy. One of my personal favorite types of strollers is the sit and stand stroller. This stroller is really unique because nothing quite accomplishes what it does. A lot of times, people take a break for a few years between kids, so that kids are a few years apart. Well, this creates some complications because the older kid wants freedom, while the younger kid needs to be kept safe. The sit and stand stroller allows for the older kid to stand on the back and the younger one to sit in the front, when the older child gets tired he or she can rest in the back as well. I think you should seek out a high quality sit and stand stroller.…

New House: 5 Ways to Get the Best Rate on your Mortgage

People around the globe tend to put in a lot of effort in order to get a house of their own. They love the security that it offers. Getting a house is no longer a tedious or a difficult task. On the contrary, it has become very simple and easy. You won’t need to have a big capital, just make sure you have a good credit history.

Buying a house has become easy mainly because all banks and lenders offer mortgage loan. There is an interest rate attached to it, but we hardly have any interest free loans.

However, if you know these techniques then  you can easily get the best rate on your mortgage.

Credit Score

There are numerous deciding factors for a mortgage rate. Among these factors, the important one is credit score. Your FICO credit score will determine the amount of loan you will get and the rate on it. A good credit score means a lower mortgage rate.

Income Stability and Employment

Lender prefers people who have a stable job for the past two years. This ensures that the person will be able to pay the loan back. In case you have your personal business, the rules are firmer. You will have to provide a lot of business documents, income returns of the past two years and much more. Before issuing you the mortgage, the lender calculates Debt-To-Income ratio along with down payment feature. A higher down payment leads to a lesser rate.

Cash Reserves

Cash reserves generally refer to the money you have in your saving account. The standard requirement for a cash reserve account is minimum 60 days. It means your account should be able to pay back the lender for at least 2 months in case you are unable to make the payment. You will get a good mortgage rate is you have more reserves in your account.

Look for the best rate: Just don’t buy from the first shop you visit. Look around and there is a possibility that you might get the best rate on a mortgage loan.

Reach out to a Professional: It is always better to ask a professional before getting into something like this. You can reach out to for help and guidance.…

Top 10 things to buy a boy on his birthday

Everyone deserves a gift on a special occasion. Whether you boy is celebrating his birthday or graduating, he deserves a wonderful gift from you. Birthday gifts for boys can come in the form of toys, clothes or favorite meals. Check this out

Purchasing toys for 12-year-old boys can be very challenging since they are in the process of entering their teenage years.  

In this article, we have handpicked the best top ten things you could get for a boy on his birthday. These gifts include; 

  1. Anki Cozmo: this is top new STEM toy available in the market and it just incredible and fun to play with. It is a robot that has its own personality which evolves with children. 
  1. ASTRO Gaming A50 Xbox One Headset 
  1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Tech Manual: this is a book about Batman’s toys. This is a gift to encourage that child to love reading. 
  1. CybertronPC Patriot-HBX Gaming Desktop PC: this is for boys who love games. It can run fewer graphics intensive games like World of witchcraft and Overwatch.  
  1. Elgato Game Capture HD60 for PS4, Xbox One or Wii U: this is one of my favorite. With this game, your child can earn a living. This is used to stream games from Xbox, PS4 or Wii U.  
  1. My Comic Book – Create Your Own Comic 
  1.  Nintendo Switch: this is a home console or a handheld hybrid which has sold over 3 million units. They are great video games which your child will surely love. Some of the video games available include Breath of life wild and the legend of Zelda.  
  1. Nyrius Aries Home+ Wireless HDMI Transmitter: this is a great tool which allows gamers to stream any HDMI-capable device such as the BluRay, Wii U, PS4 and Xbox One.  .   
  1. Xbox One X: this is a video game console which your child will surely love.  



How to shop for fashion vintage clothes

One of the most thrilling things about fashion lies in the variety of ways one can reflect style and show off one’s taste. Sometimes, you just wish to go Bohemian; other times, Gothic and maybe on another occasion, you just want to dress vintage. Then you hit the market and into the store … not looking to go for those Louis Vuitton purses on sale but you are only thinking ‘vintage’ – which is what this write-up is about.

Tips on buying fashion vintage clothes for yourself:

Know the era you’re going with

Vintage clothes are about throwback years and every one of those eras had its trend. So, be clear about what your choices are. You may get fascinated by a whole lot of items – think about the Parisian couture of the 30s; tailored lines of the 60s; the hippie culture of the 70s and so on – and end up getting confused in the (clothing) store if you do not set priorities aright. And, as you get into an era, do not ‘put quality to the slaughter’.

Pick a spot

The next thing you need to do is to know where to shop. There are a number of places available; from vintage stores to thrift shops, consignment shops and online (e-commerce) stores. Make sure you do some findings on every store you come across to see the one that has got the best offer. Furthermore, you should not fail to weigh in on the policies that are in place in these stores.

Consider buying it cheap

Hey, that it reads ‘cheap’ shouldn’t mean lack of good quality. Though there are those (vintage clothes) that are costly but you can still get the ones that are quite cheap and won’t be a burden on your budget. If you can however afford the (more) expensive option, then why not?

And just to remind you; do not trigger the purchase push until you are satisfied with the vintage cloth you have chosen. This means you may have to try it on and also watch out for any form of defect before making payment.

Buying photo prints costs less than you think

Have you been wondering how a lot of people have been able to collect so many pictures? I mean a lot of our acquaintance whom we call upon have living rooms and entertainment areas so full of pictures and impressive ones that you wonder how much of an investment people make to get them printed on such large scale and then on a host of different materials. Some look so exquisite that they definitely are bespoke! I must confess they mostly leave me speechless. But the protocol is to not ask!!

I have been an avid collector of pictures:

For me it never really matters if it’s the first copy or a print. I believe that a good picture is a good picture and there are no two things about it!

I have scouted so many stores to look for pictures that would look good with my interiors and to the extent that it even accentuates it. I must say that I was fairly successful. The idea is that when you are given a choice from what is already available there is only so much that you can choose. The choices are narrow and it is highly unlikely that they all measure up to your expectations.

I was looking for a place that could do a custom job:

And believe my luck, I did! I came upon this super website called zor which allows me to send them my own prints for printing on any kind of surface I like and they also have an awesome database of theirs to choose. The practicality of uploading my own photographs was so impressive that I ordered a couple of them right away!

And was I impressed?
I was, you bet! The quality of the print, the material and the contraption for hanging them on was so good that I have not stopped recommending them to anyone who has kind words for my frames. Go check them out now!…