Latest Collars For Dogs That Make Them Trackable

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Dogs are mostly very fun loving creatures. They don’t like to sit in one corner and sleep all day. They like to explore, and especially if you have a very energetic dog, then he or she will be more inclined towards going out and explore. But what if your best friend gets lost somewhere or fall in trouble? How will you know? That’s where these dog collars come in and try to be helpful for both the dog and the owner. They are easy to wear and use too, making them the perfect gadget for all dog owners out there. So, let’s see some of the latest and greatest dog collars out there.

Four Best Dog Collars That Are Trackable

Smart Dog Collar From LINK AKC

Price : $179.99


The collar is made for perfect fit, nice fashion item as well as good comfort too. It has a GPS monitor to track your dog. There are activity monitor and feature for ambient temperature alerts too. There is also a LINK AKC app on your smartphone, which is to be used by the collar. Link AKC memberships are required for activation and accessing all the features.

Nuzzle Dog Collar

Price : $170


This trackable dog collar will have GPS, Bluetooth and as well as an activity tracker. There is also a dedicated app to track and monitor the temperature as well. One can add multiple pets for tracking too. Geofence can be set up in order to avoid the dog getting out of pre-defined boundaries.

Squeaker Buddy Dog Collar

Price : $250


This collar has an illuminating LED all around the collar. It has GPS and activity monitoring as well. There’s also a tiny OLED screen to display all the activity and temperature information as well. It is available in three sizes, is water resistant, has a heart rate monitor, and can quick charge in 1 hour.

Voyce Dog Collar

Price : $199.99


This trackable dog collar with orthopedic memory foam dog bed with bolster can be comfortably worn around the neck. This collar will track various important wellness indicators for the dog, tracks activity and various other heart and respiratory rates as well. It will also measure the calories burned, as well as distance covered by the dog too. All these data will sync to the Voyce Wellness Management Centre, with the help of WIFI network.