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Buying photo prints costs less than you think

Have you been wondering how a lot of people have been able to collect so many pictures? I mean a lot of our acquaintance whom we call upon have living rooms and entertainment areas so full of pictures and impressive ones that you wonder how much of an investment people make to get them printed on such large scale and then on a host of different materials. Some look so exquisite that they definitely are bespoke! I must confess they mostly leave me speechless. But the protocol is to not ask!!

I have been an avid collector of pictures:

For me it never really matters if it’s the first copy or a print. I believe that a good picture is a good picture and there are no two things about it!

I have scouted so many stores to look for pictures that would look good with my interiors and to the extent that it even accentuates it. I must say that I was fairly successful. The idea is that when you are given a choice from what is already available there is only so much that you can choose. The choices are narrow and it is highly unlikely that they all measure up to your expectations.

I was looking for a place that could do a custom job:

And believe my luck, I did! I came upon this super website called zor which allows me to send them my own prints for printing on any kind of surface I like and they also have an awesome database of theirs to choose. The practicality of uploading my own photographs was so impressive that I ordered a couple of them right away!

And was I impressed?
I was, you bet! The quality of the print, the material and the contraption for hanging them on was so good that I have not stopped recommending them to anyone who has kind words for my frames. Go check them out now!…