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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Couponing

Have you realized how much of your money is spent on each of your budget entries?

I was zapped when the realization struck me that I was spending so much on my grocery bills. I never thought that I would be considering how careful I am not to waste anything and also very minimalist in using my stuff. However, I resolved to find a better means of save more money.

That is when a close friend dropped in:

My shopping bags were kept on the kitchen top and we got talking about how shopping for food was making a hole in my pocket. Shania was listening intently till finally, she asked me if I ever considered couponing.

Now I had heard about couponing and also about applications such as CouponoBox which I am now convinced are really good; but at that point in time, I only shrugged my shoulder.

Shania it seems is an avid couponer and I realized later that even though we shop for the same items and we are from the same social strata her bills were drastically low!

How on earth could that be possible!!!

Shania made it a point to explain to me all. I am so glad she did. I have over the last two months been saving and not just that; I have been able to buy things that were so long on to be bought list but somehow I could never get myself around buying them!

Couponing is simple!

You need to collect coupons that are found anywhere. There is a Sunday paper, the internet. Store promotions and manufacturer’s coupons when you write them your requirements and product reviews. Also, the coupons can be found in flyers and pamphlets and some of the stores also send them in mailers.

The coupons need to be collected and cashed at the time of buying the product. The promised discount/ rebate is something that you will be proud of saving. After all, money saved is money earned!!