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How to shop for fashion vintage clothes

One of the most thrilling things about fashion lies in the variety of ways one can reflect style and show off one’s taste. Sometimes, you just wish to go Bohemian; other times, Gothic and maybe on another occasion, you just want to dress vintage. Then you hit the market and into the store … not looking to go for those Louis Vuitton purses on sale but you are only thinking ‘vintage’ – which is what this write-up is about.

Tips on buying fashion vintage clothes for yourself:

Know the era you’re going with

Vintage clothes are about throwback years and every one of those eras had its trend. So, be clear about what your choices are. You may get fascinated by a whole lot of items – think about the Parisian couture of the 30s; tailored lines of the 60s; the hippie culture of the 70s and so on – and end up getting confused in the (clothing) store if you do not set priorities aright. And, as you get into an era, do not ‘put quality to the slaughter’.

Pick a spot

The next thing you need to do is to know where to shop. There are a number of places available; from vintage stores to thrift shops, consignment shops and online (e-commerce) stores. Make sure you do some findings on every store you come across to see the one that has got the best offer. Furthermore, you should not fail to weigh in on the policies that are in place in these stores.

Consider buying it cheap

Hey, that it reads ‘cheap’ shouldn’t mean lack of good quality. Though there are those (vintage clothes) that are costly but you can still get the ones that are quite cheap and won’t be a burden on your budget. If you can however afford the (more) expensive option, then why not?

And just to remind you; do not trigger the purchase push until you are satisfied with the vintage cloth you have chosen. This means you may have to try it on and also watch out for any form of defect before making payment.