7 Useful Tips for Charity Shopping

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I know a lot of people have no appeal for this one! Look out for them

People are constantly donating something or the other every day and with charity shopping stores opening up in almost every corner, there is so much to have to yourself at bargains that you cannot even imagine!

Not everyone likes to shop here!

I don’t know but among my close group of friends, I am the only one who can suffer this. One of them thinks it is going through a lot of trouble rummaging to try to find something that will be useful to her. But I think that is the fun part.

Okay, it may sound a bit weird but I think it like a treasure hunt like an adventure when I make up my mind to go shopping at these places. ‘

There have been times I have been so lucky to find collector’s items at a steal:

Imagine finding hundreds of well-preserved Sleekwristbands of the various coveted events in history.

Oh my goodness, I was mad with excitement when I realized that the shop was underestimating its value and selling it at peanuts. It was so precious that it could go under the hammer! Alas!!

The joy can bring: I picked it up and was rummaging through them and believe it or not I was the proud owner of these for so little that I was almost jumping in joy for a week. How else can you own them?

I even considered selling it on e-bay for a big profit and even pushed myself on posting it with a big price tag. I had tons of responses but then I decided that it was too precious to sell it off. I was going to keep it.

Look out for such events on the internet, newspapers, flyers et al and never ever underestimate them. Sometimes you can end up finding something so precious that you cannot even fathom your own luck!