10 Genius Ways to Help Your Kids Behave at the Store

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Not everyone loves shopping, not the kids for sure. It is hectic for parents to go shopping with their kids especially the grocery shopping where kids just have to sit in the trolley for the whole time. Many parents feel it is an embarrassing experience to shop while the kids are screaming and whining for sweeties, chocolates and other stuff. Here are some genius ways to shop with fewer tantrums and drama.

1) Kids won’t be able to stay quiet for a longer duration so it is best option to wrap up your shopping as fast as possible.

2) Take one of their favorite toys that will keep them busy. Starwalkkids has a wide range of cute toys that you can carry with you.

3) Talk to your kids before going shopping; explain to them that you need to buy these essential things and how much time it will take to finish it.

4) Keep essential things like wet wipes, nappies, and juice or milk bottles handy.

5) Make the kids feel part of the shopping routine, let them pick smaller items from the shelves or make them put them in the trolley carefully

6) Make the kids sit in comfortable places like strollers or car seats. Younger kids are often cranky if they are uncomfortable with their surroundings like the sharp shopping trolleys. The trolley may not even be too hygienic for the kids to touch especially with the food in their hand.

7) Take some finger food like small pieces of fruits, biscuits or snacks that can keep them busy.

8) Reward them for their good behavior, not always by buying things like chocolate or toys but by appreciating their efforts by talking to them.

9) Stick to rules when in the stores, like they are supposed to sit in the stroller or trolley, don’t take them out because they are crying else this will be the everyday thing.

10) Lollipops, the last minute savior, use it if required when things are really getting out of hand.

Shopping should be a fun activity with these tips to tackle the tantrums.